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Knock, knock, who is there? Amanda?

Zu viel Laub für eine kleine Amanda

Amanda doesn’t like leaves

“Amanda, it is time“, says the general manager of the hotel sternly. “Yeah, I know, I know,” Amanda says grumpy, “Whoever is alone now will remain so for a long
time, and all that jazz.” Amanda has to free the garden from the leaves, reluctantly she strolls through the hotel lobby into the garden.

“Why do I have to always clear out the garden in autumn? Rilke and his funny gardening rules,” she mumbles complaining to the world, when she hears a knock. Knock, knock, who is there, she wonders. “Stop it, I’m not up for any lame jokes,” she says. There is silence again, and she continues to get the leaves together. Knock-Knock-Knock she hears again, but she cannot see anything. “Hello, who is this?”, she is getting impatient, when a great spotted woodpecker looks impishly from behind a tree. “Hello, it’s me, Knocky Woodpecker!” he says friendly, “and you all yellow looking thing are..? Normally road sweepers are orange, aren’t they?” “ Because I am NO road sweeper, that’s why, I’m Amanda the hotel duck!” Knocky flies over to a perch closer to hear, which causes the tree to loose more leaves falling on the ground. “Thank you very much for your help, now I have twice the work,” Amanda screams. “Yeah, but only because you called me! I am so sorry!” he says shyly. “Nobody ever helps me with the leaves,” Amanda sighs, when Knocky lets go of a shrill whistle. “I can do something about that,” he says with a twinkle in his eyes. Amanda doesn’t believe it, birds from the whole neighbourhood start to show up. “Formation flying,” Knocky yells, and all birds start circling above Amanda’s head following his lead. The wind of their wings push all the leaves on the ground onto a pile. Amanda is all smiles and utters a small “Thank you” in amazement.

After only ten minutes Amanda is back at the hotel lobby. “Amanda, it is time…”, the general manager says angrily. “Yeap, I know, time for the coffee break,” she says while walking triumphal behind her. She looks out the window, and all the leaves are swept together. How did Amanda do this? And who on earth keeps knocking outside?

Until we cover the duck again, we shall duck and cover….!

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