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Departure Tue 7 Apr
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“Access Coot” for a lovebird

Amanda runs through our otherwise silent breakfast room frenetically, picking up breadcrumbs furiously. “What on earth is going on?”, exclaims our general manager, who happened to turn around the corner running an errand. With a stern look she shakes herRead more ›

Gitchi, Gitchi, Ya, Ya, Da, Da

“Gitchi, Gitchi, Ya, Ya, Da, Da,“ is coming as a sound out of the kitchen, while Amanda waddles downstairs. “Gitchi, Gitchi? Gitchi, Gitchi!” she quacks full of glee, as she enters the kitchen furiously, because she knows exactly, what thisRead more ›

Knock, knock, who is there? Amanda?

“Amanda, it is time“, says the general manager of the hotel sternly. “Yeah, I know, I know,” Amanda says grumpy, “Whoever is alone now will remain so for a long time, and all that jazz.” Amanda has to free theRead more ›


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